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Team building


First, advanced concepts

"Long in the cage, return to nature" comes from Tao Yuanming, the founder of China's pastoral poet, "Return to the garden field", meaning that a long time trapped in the cage without freedom, I finally returned to the forest today, compared to today, each of us for the cause, family, etc., is not also trapped in one cage after another?The return of nature is our pursuit, we do not make new products, we are the porters of nature。

Second, professional ability

Shanghai Provincial Horticulture has the engineering design grade B qualification, urban landscaping grade II qualification, ISO9001 international quality management certification, OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational health and safety management system certification。The company is also a member of the China Flower Association, a member of the *** roof Greening Association, a member of the Shanghai Landscape Greening Association, a member of the Shanghai Decoration Association, and the enterprise credit rating is AA level。

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        Shanghai Xinxin Horticulture Co., Ltd. has a total of more than 350 professional management, design, maintenance team, including garden design engineers 5, flower gardening technicians 4, green chemical (***) 13, green chemical (intermediate) 31, other technicians more than 20。

        We are always committed to attracting the best professionals in the industry。Our management, design, sales and service teams have a good educational background, experience and service awareness, grass-roots staff are long-term training, regular assessment, with rich experience and customer service awareness。

We continue to enhance the vitality and cohesion of the team through multi-maintenance training and team building. Our team is young, has a strong sense of service, and has good learning ability, management ability and industry experience。

Third, perfect after-sales service supervision system

        We supervise and evaluate the quality of service by means of on-site service of horticulturists, regular inspection of customer supervisors, random inspection of company quality supervision, and customer complaints

4. Strict standard process


Service item



Attendance frequency

No less than one time a week to the site inspection, maintenance of plants and flowers



At least once a weekInteract with customers and understand their needs



Water as soon as necessary



According to the growth of plants and flowers, fertilize them



Prune plants and flowers according to their growth


Clean and beautiful

Leaf, flowerpot, tray cleaning



Treatment of infested plants



Remove the bare top tooth to ensure beauty



Overcome phototropism and ensure beautiful appearance



Replace flowers in poor condition in time For the sum standard deviation degree of more than 25%, the special position can improve the standard


Service personnel replacement

Adjustment of maintenance staff and customer supervisor



Service hours, dress, work attitude, environmental hygiene


Service supervision

Multi-level supervision of service quality

Picture display
Picture display

5. Strict performance management

1. The company employs specialized training institutions to regularly train employees on service etiquette and service awareness and track assessment;

2. The company conducts monthly professional skills training for on-duty employees, and regularly conducts job rotation training, and conducts layoff training for unqualified employees;

3. In view of the problems in the after-sales inspection last month, the company regularly conducts a centralized training and assessment for all maintenance personnel every month, and gives rewards and punishments。

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