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Christmas tree

Published Time: 2020-02-08 14:22:04

作者: Shanghai Provincial Horticulture Co., LTD


Peace tree, formerly known as: Lanyu cinnamon;Alias: Hongtou Yu cinnamon, Hongtou Mountain cinnamon, Fanglan Mountain cinnamon, big leaf cinnamon, Taiwan cinnamon, etc。Its Latin name is Cinnamomum kotoense Kanehira et Sasaki .It is a small evergreen tree of camphor family and camphor. Its original name is Lanyu Cinnamon, that is, Lanyu Island of Taiwan。 Native to Lanyu Island, it is a bright green and auspicious Lanyu cinnamon (cinnamon, peace tree, peace wood)。In recent years, it has begun to enter the family and will be loved by flower lovers。Native to South Taiwan (LAN Yu)。

Christmas tree,原名:Cinnamomum lanyu;别名:Hongtou Yu cinnamon, Hongtou Mountain cinnamon, Fanglan Mountain cinnamon, big leaf cinnamon, Taiwan cinnamon, etc。Latin name: Cinnamomum kotoense Kanehira et Sasaki .It is a small evergreen tree of camphor family and camphor. Its original name is Lanyu Cinnamon, that is, Lanyu Island of Taiwan。

Native to Lanyu Island, it is a bright green and auspicious Lanyu cinnamon(Cinnamon, peace tree, peace wood)。In recent years, it has begun to enter the family and will be loved by flower lovers。Produced in the south of Taiwan(兰屿)

Plant history

Touching legend

The origin of the peace tree has a beautiful and moving legend:Legend has it that a long time ago, a Tianlong was injured and fell into the Manchu township of Jiutai City after being unable to act, because of the sun and drought and little rain, Tianlong was dying。After hearing the news, the local people spontaneously came to build a pergola for the dragon to prevent the sun, and took turns watering the dragon every day until July 74"Nineteen days later,The dragon has recovered from its wounds,Rise from the clouds and mist,It is to thank these good people for saving their lives,Bless their happiness and peace,Throw one of their own dragon ball into the Jiutai City Hujia green pine Ridge,Soon the dragon ball turned into an elm tree,The tree has a long shape and a long distance,Dog days will shed tears,Those are the tears of gratitude from the Dragon,Who drank the tears of gratitude,Whatever you want will come true,The tree is green in winter,That is the blessing of the dragon,All is well with those who see it。

Meaning of peace

Later, people called the place where Tianlong recovered his wounds the Dragon Shed(This is Mang Kalongpeng village)For hundreds of years, people from all over the country have come to worship on the first day and 15 days, begging for peace, family happiness and good luck。

Peace tree means to pray for peace, family happiness, good luck and other good wishes。

Morphological characteristics

Evergreen trees, tall approx15Rice, leaves, branches and bark have little aroma when dry。Branches and sprigs brown,

Overall form

Cylindrical, hairless。Leaves opposite or subopposite, oval to oblong-oval, long8-11(14)Cm, wide4-5.5(9)Cm, apex acute, base rounded, leathery, above fresh green, dry grish green, bright, below subhomochrome, dull, glabrous on both sides, with three veins from base, lateral veins from base1Produced at cm, near leaf3/4Sometimes there is an additional lateral vein on each side near the leaf margin, and both sides of the fine vein are obvious, showing a shallow honeycomb network;Petiole length approx1.5Cm, ventral concave convex back, reddish-brown or brown。Hanami。Fruit ovoid, long14Mm, wide10毫米;Receptacle cup-shaped, margin crenate, glabrous, stem long1Cm, hairless。果期8-9月。

Leaf morphology

Lanyu cinnamon is a small evergreen tree, dignified tree shape, yellow-brown bark, plant height up to10米至15Rice, branchlets yellow-green, smooth without fuzz。Leaf blade opposite or subopposite, ovate or ovate oblong, apex apical, thickly leathery。The leaves are large and long10Cm to22Cm, wide5Cm to8Cm, bright green surface, metallic luster, back gray-green, from the base three veins obvious, concave and convex, lateral veins from the leaf base about1There is sometimes a small vein on each side near the leaf margin, and both sides of the network vein are obvious, showing a shallow honeycomb。The new leaves are light green and the petiole is about long1.5Cm, reddish-brown to brown。

Fruit morphology

Fruit ovoid, long1.4Centimeter, diameter1厘米。Receptacle cup-shaped, margin crenate, glabrous。No flowers, no fruit。Fruit stalk length approx1Cm, hairless。It is both a beautiful potted foliage plant and a very beautiful garden tree。

Growth habit

Like warm thermal environment

Born in the woods。Cinnamomum Lanyu enjoys warm, moist and sunny environment, light and shade tolerance, warm and hot, frost-free, foggy and high temperature place, and is not resistant to drought, water, cold and dry air。

Artificial cultivation environment

It is advisable to use loose and fertile acidic sandy soil with good drainage and rich organic matter。Its native environment is rich in phalaenopsis, so under artificial cultivation conditions, it is appropriate to create a warm and humid environment for it。果期8月至9月。It grows at a temperature of20~30℃ 。

Geographical distribution

It is widely produced in the south of Taiwan(兰屿)

There is no doubt that the cinnamon of Lanyu is close to the cinnamon of the Philippines, but as Zhang Qingen said in the "Flora of Taiwan", the characteristics of the leaves produced in China's Taiwan Lanyu are similarMerrillThe description does not exactly match, and the inflorescence of the osmanthus densiflorus is long15Cm, and the orchid island cinnamomum fruit order is very short, so it is appropriate not to merge in the case of not picking flowers at present。

Planting technique

Sowing and raising seedlings

The propagation of cinnamomum lanyu was raised by multiple seeding methods。In southern China9月至10May use ripe purplish black fruit for sowing,After rinsing the skin and pulp,Float away the empty seeds,Let dry in a cool place,It can be harvested and sown,If the weather is bad or the field is not ready ,Seeds cannot be sown immediately,The seeds need to be stored in wet sand,Keep in a cool place,Take care to prevent seed mold,Wait until the seed crack is white,Reseeding or bag seeding。Seeds that have not been germinated by sand deposit can be used before sowing0.3%The seeds are soaked in formalin solution30Minutes, pour out excess liquid, seal2Then rinse with clean water to remove the liquid attached to the seed skin, and then soak the seed with clean water24The germination rate can be increased。If the seeds are not sterilized, it can be used directly40 Soaking the seeds in warm water at about ℃ can also improve the germination rate。Usually to open the trenches on demand, line spacing20Cm to25Centimeters, plant spacing5Cm to7Centimetres, thickness of soil cover1.5Cm to2Cm, covered with straw to moisturize,20天至30Germinate after days。Keep the seedbed moist and the seeds unearthed1/ 3后分2次至3First the grass was removed, and then the shelter was put up for shade。Wait for the seedlings to grow3片至4When the leaves are true, the liquid fertilizer can be applied once a month, and the application can be stopped after the autumn, so that the cold protection work is not less than5The temperature of the shed is about ℃。Due to the fewer fibrous roots of its plants, transplanting should be carried out as early as possible, or the implementation of sand bed germination, sprout transplantation bag planting, the implementation of bag sowing or bag planting in southern areas to produce commercial seedlings, the effect is very good。

Cutting propagation

Pingan tree cutting time in the first half of the year45Month, second half of the year910Month, temperature22℃至28℃ is the best time。Nutritive pot or flower pot should be used for cutting, and the substrate should be pure vermiculite or vermiculite and turf=11The proportion of。The substrate before cutting should be disinfected and available0.1%Potassium permanganate or dioxone600800Reperfusion or exposure。

Cuttings should be selected with strong apex dominance, semi-lignified, robust and full, free of bacterial infection and bright green leaf color。*** is in the morning when dew or overcast sky-clipping。

Cut cuttings into10Cm to15Centimeter long, stay23Leaves to reduce water loss。Leave the cuttings at the bottom3Cm to5Cm cut to a bevel。The base of the cut cuttings3Cm to5Centimeter immersed in rooting solution(2.5Gram water2Kilo, slow dip23Hour, quick dip water0.2Kg, dip1530)Or immerse in a strong rooting agent(每袋5Gram water0.5Kilo, dip base1620小时)After soaking, remove and insert substrate3Cm to5厘米。Too shallow easy to lodging, too deep easy to mold, and then compacted with your fingers。Each small basin should be cuttings one seedling, cuttings finished pouring water until the bottom of the basin water out。Cover the whole cut with a plastic bag and hold100%Keep in a cool place, away from direct sunlight。

After cutting4Every day or so watering once permeable, in the north, each watering a few drops of hydrochloric acid or a few drops of edible vinegar, keeppH5.8Left and right, the cuttings are easy to live。When the humidity of the substrate is high, do not water, but keep the substrate moist and the relative humidity of the environment80%左右。Watering less, cuttings dry death, watering too much, will cause wound tissue mold。约15Tie the plastic bag around the day,20Remove the plastic bags around day。After removing the plastic, the weak sunlight time can be increased in the morning and evening.25It takes root after the second day and can grow in about a month1Cm to2Centimeter-long new roots。2It can grow in a month5Cm to6Centimeter-long root。The old leaves do not fall off and produce new roots, indicating that the cuttings are alive。During this period, large POTS should be poured, and the matrix ratio is a two-to-one ratio of leaf rot soil and fine yarn or sandy loam soil。When the pot is poured, the cuttings are pulled up with the substrate, planted in a large pot, then filled with the prepared substrate, and poured with water。After a week, compound fertilizer can be applied1‰浓度。When the plant produces new leaves, it can be watered once a month with thin cake fertilizer water, and it can be applied continuously after autumn20.3%Potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution, so as to increase the cold resistance of plants, promote early lignification of shoots, so that it can safely winter。Fertilizer should not be applied raw fertilizer, concentrated fertilizer, large fertilizer, especially the prohibition of high concentration of fertilizer liquid, otherwise it is easy to cause fertilizer damage to the root, resulting in yellow leaves and scorched, and plant death。In addition, flower lovers can also try layering seedlings。

Management essentials


It grows at a temperature of20℃至30℃。Small trees do not tolerate low temperatures, if encountered5More than the day of frost, open field maintenance or cultivation of plants, easy to cause bark frost, branches and leaves wilt, and even the whole plant was frozen to death。Whether it is a small number of family pot plants, or large-scale production and business cultivation, winter should be maintained not less than5The shed temperature of ℃ can make the leaves always maintain the beautiful state of green。Larger plants, not cold in sheds

When the wind blows, it can endure for a short time0Low temperature of about ℃。Potted plants in the Yangtze River basin should be moved into the shed before the arrival of frost, and out of the room after the Qingming Festival in the next year. Attention should be paid to preventing cold damage caused by late frost or spring cold。In the middle of summer, when the temperature exceeds32After the temperature is above, the shed should be shaded and the leaf surface sprayed with water to humidify and cool down, so that it can maintain strong growth potential。


Lanyu cinnamon needs better light, but it is more tolerant of shade。Its light needs vary with age, young trees are shade tolerant,3年至5Annual plants that grow faster in height under shaded conditions,6年至10Annual plants, it is required to have more adequate light。When potted plants enter the summer, they can be moved to shade or shade40%50%Under the sunshade, the growth is more ideal。If the light is too strong, it is easy to cause the leaves to yellow and lose consciousness, reducing its due ornamental value, especially in the indoor display of potted plants for a long time, the summer moved to the outdoor recovery maintenance, must be careful, should be placed first in the shade40%50%Maintenance in the environment must not be too urgent, otherwise it is easy to cause leaf burn。In addition, in late spring and early summer after the long rain after the sun weather, should also do a good job of shading work in time, otherwise it will also cause leaf burns, it is difficult to restore its verdant leaf spirit in a short time。


Lanyu cinnamon requires a basin soil moist environment。For this reason, potted plants should be maintained frequently

The basin soil is moist, but there must be no water, and the relative humidity of the environment is maintained80%The above is good。In the summer high temperature season or in the autumn when the air is relatively dry, including the winter when it is placed indoors, water should be often sprayed on the leaf surface and the surrounding environment to create a relatively moist local space small environment to promote its robust growth。Watering should be controlled after autumn, and more water should be sprayed and less watering should be done in winter。If there is water in the basin soil, it is easy to lead to yellowing of the plant, the lower leaves fall off after yellowing, and the severe case will cause the plant to rot and die, and the Meiyu season should be paid special attention。Peace tree is a southern flower, like acidic water, such as no ferrous sulfate, dilute solution of vinegar can also be。


Potted or bagged cinnamomum cinnamomum, it is advisable to use fertile acidic culture soil or leaf rot soil which is loose, breathable, well-drained and rich in organic matter。Basin soil compaction orpHBe higher than...7.5Above, it will also cause leaf yellowing, serious poor growth and germination decreased, and affect germination renewal, and even shorten its cultivation life。For this reason, small plants should be changed once a year, and large plants can be2The soil is changed once a year, and the soil is loosened once a month in the growing season, especially after heavy rain, the pot should be checked in time, and the water in the pot should be poured out as soon as possible, and the loose pot soil should be replaced。Potted plants, the annual pot change time, *** arranged in the spring after the house to before germination is more appropriate。


The cinnamon plants of Lanyu are plump, the leaves are large, and the growth is prosperous, so the amount of fertilizer is also large。Potted Lanyu cinnamon requires fertile soil cultivation, from mid-spring to early autumn, thin cake fertilizer water or fertilizer alum water can be applied once a month。After autumn, it should be applied continuously2Secondary phosphate-potassium fertilizers, such as0.3%Potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution, so as to increase the cold resistance of plants, promote early lignification of shoots, so that it can safely winter。All forms of topdressing should be stopped in winter to prevent the fertilizer from damaging the root, leading to leaf yellowing or scorching off, otherwise it is difficult to restore the original appearance of the plant。

Pest control


It mainly harms seedling stage and adult leaves。Leaf infection, mostly occurs in the leaf surface, leaf tip, leaf margin, is brown, irregular shape, and often expands or fuses into gray brown spots in the later stage, the edge is brown, wavy, and there are many small black dots on the plaque, that is, its conidial disc。Conidia spread by wind and rain, when the humidity is high, the conidia germinate into the leaves or seedlings and do harm, and it is easy to develop disease when continuous rain, insufficient sunlight, heavy soil viscosity or moisture retention in the shed.2月至4Month *** is popular。

Control method:A small number of diseased leaves should be removed and destroyed in time;Increased application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer in growing season can improve plant resistance;Early onset, with25%Anthracine wettable powder500Double liquid, or60%Carbonbiline wettable powder700Double liquid, or75%Methyl tolbuzine wettable powder600Double the liquid, alternate spraying, every other10天至15Once in a day, in a row 3次至4次。

Brown spot

4月至5In the month, it occurs on the new leaves of the plant, and the elliptical yellow brown lesions occur on the leaf surface at the beginning, and then it continues to expand, and more black dots appear in the positive lesions of the leaf, and the back of the lesions is purple, so that the whole leaf yellows and wilts, making the plant a large number of leaves。

Control method:可用1%Bordeaux liquid for prevention;If a small number of diseased leaves appear, remove them in time

烧毁;Initial use50%Carbendazim wettable powder500Double liquid, or50%Benazepam wettable powder1000Double liquid, or50%Aqua regicides1000Double liquid, every other10Spray once a day alternately, continuously3次至4次。

Brown root

The diseased leaves gradually turn yellow and droop, become brown and dry in severe cases, the stems lose water and shrink, the roots turn brown and rot, and the diseased plants die in a short time。The root of the disease, the soil of the disease and the remnants of the disease are the primary infection source of the disease, which is transmitted by wind and rain or contact, and generally occurs in a single plant。

Control method:Seriously ill plants and plants that have withered due to disease should be uprooted, burned and used together50%Carbendazim wettable powder600Double liquid disinfection;Early onset, spray50%Thiomethyl?Sulfur suspension agent800Double liquid, or50%Wettable powder of root decaying spirit800Double liquid, prevention and treatment。


① Leaf rollers

Mostly in summer and autumn, it will curl several new leaves into a nest, and larvae lurk among them to feed on the leaves, which can be used90%The crystal of trichlorphon800Double liquid, or40%Dimethoate butter10 00 Double the fluid and spray。


The young leaves and buds of cinnamomum lanyu are prone to aphid sting and sucking, which leads to greasy leaves, and then induces coal fouling, which affects the growth and display of the plants。Control method:Rinse the plants with water after sprinkling them with wood ash;Spraying the leaf SAP of NEEM tree could effectively kill the insects;10%Imidacloprid wettable powder2000Double liquid spray kill。

Leaves turn yellow and fall off

The main reasons for yellowing or shedding of leaves are as follows Several aspects:

:Is due to accidents or special circumstances, causing serious damage to the root system of the plant, resulting in yellow leaves。

:The room temperature is below5Below ℃, the yellow leaves of the tree are caused by freezing damage。

:It's overwatering, causing the roots to rot at the bottom and causing the plants to turn yellow and fall leaves。

:The water quality is more alkaline, resulting in slow yellow leaves, which is more common in the north, especially in Xinjiang and other places。

:Is improper fertilization, fertilization is too much and too thick, and cause nutrient root water loss atrophy necrosis。

:It is exposed to the hot sun for a long time, which causes the leaves to dry and yellow。

The solution to the yellow leaves of the peace tree is:When you find yellow leaves, you should immediately check whether the root system of the tree is growing normally. If you find that the root is rotten, remove the rotten part immediately, cut off the yellow or dead leaves, and re-cultivate them。

Matters needing attention:Re-cultivation can be in the root of the shear position surrounding the spread of some moist sand, the purpose of doing so is to be able to germination of new roots of the peace tree, watering at this time appropriate to reduce, more spray fog, such as peace tree after the new leaves, do fertilizer work, increase light, so that can quickly promote the growth of peace tree。


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