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Dragon's beard tree

Published Time: 2020-02-08 14:12:39

作者: Shanghai Provincial Horticulture Co., LTD


The Dragon's blood tree, also known as the Red banana, is a perennial evergreen shrub or tree of the genus Dragon's blood in the lily family。The plant is short and stout, the stem is straight, and the young trees are less than 100 cm tall。At present, it is a very popular indoor foliage plant all over the country。

Dragon's beard tree

The Dragon's blood tree, also known as the Red banana, is a perennial evergreen shrub or tree of the genus Dragon's blood in the lily family。The plant is short and stout, the stem is straight, and the young trees are less than tall100厘米。At present, it is a very popular indoor foliage plant all over the country。

Morphological characteristics


The dragon's blood tree, the shape is very beautiful。The stem of the dragon's blood tree secretes a bright red resin, for which"龙血"Maybe that's how the Dragon's Blood Tree got its name。


Leaf blade shape, close branch end, young, bright green color, forming, it becomes bright red or purple, milky white, bronze, pink, colorful, beautiful and spectacular。The ovary of the plant is three chambers, each chamber has one ovule, and each fruit contains only three seeds。

Dragon's blood tree, leaves colorful, bright and beautiful。Some varieties have dense yellow spots on the leaves, which are loved by people as starwood, some varieties have yellow longitudinal stripes on the leaves, which can secrete a light fragrance, people call it fragrant dragon blood tree, and some varieties have white, milky, beige stripes on the leaves, which are also called three-color dragon blood tree。Dragon blood leaves are thick, shaped like a sword, its gorgeous colors, under the irradiation of sunlight or lights, golden light, dazzling, is currently all over the country, very popular indoor foliage plants。

Growing environment

Dracaena prefers warm, moist and sunny environments。Growing the tree is not difficult, as long as the light is good and the air is moist and fresh, it can thrive。There are many varieties of dragon blood tree, although this is a monocotyledonous plant, but because of the proliferation and division of parenchyma cells in the plant, the love year is thickened and lignified, forming a tall tree with a life span of up to a thousand years。

Distribution range

Dragonblood trees are native to the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean。*** In recent years, dragon's blood tree was introduced into our country, and now there are a small number of cultivation all over the country。If the dwarfing pot, placed in the hall or living room, bedroom, elegant and interesting very exotic。

Propagation method

After the introduction of the dragon's blood tree into China, except for a few tropical areas to grow seeds, other areas mainly use high pressure and cutting methods for asexual reproduction。

(1)The stems of the dracaena tree mostly grow upright, with few branches。After several years of plant growth, the base leaves fall off and naturally lose ornamental value 。In this case, the cultivator may be in57In the hot and humid season of October, high-pressure breeding is carried out。The method is...:In the appropriate part of the plant stem, make a ring cut, the ring width is1.8-2.2Centimeter, down to the xylem, with a knife to peel off the ring skin, with a clean damp cloth to wipe the incision spilled juice5000-1000ppmThen, white plastic film was applied to the lower end of the incision, straightenered into a funnel shape, loaded with rhizoplasm mixed with moss and mountain soil, wrapped around the knife edge, irrigated once with water permeation, tied up the upper end of the river film, and placed the plants outdoors for cultivation to strengthen fertilizer and water management。After the dragon blood tree is under high pressure, it is necessary to check whether the substrate is dry at any time and replenish water at any time。General passage3040With the cultivation of the day, there will be new roots in the cut part,910The month can be cut off from the mother and cultivated into an independent growing plant。

(2)Cutting propagation Dragon blood tree can also be used for cutting methods for asexual reproduction, time in56月。At this time is the vigorous growth period of the dragon's blood tree, the plant is rich in nutrients, easy to survive after cutting。Before cutting, the mother plant with high ornamental value can be selected, and the strong branches that have grown for more than two years can be taken, and the length of each section is about10-20Centimetres, with or without leaves。Cut the base of the cuttings into a flat edge, and keep the leaves after cutting the upper part. Soak the upper and lower cuts in water to wash the spilled juice, and put them in a cool and ventilated place for a while before use500-1000ppmThe base of the cuttings was soaked in naphthalene acetic acid2-3Centimetres, average5Seconds can be kushiro, with immersion with insertion。For cutting of dragon's blood tree, small clay pot can be used for the seedling bed, and the substrate can be vermiculite, perlite or high temperature sterilized plain sand soil, and then the cutting is carried out on the basin。One plant in each pot, water once after insertion, put the seedling bed in the flower light, careful maintenance。The subsequent management work is mainly to keep the substrate moist。The wound of the dragon's blood tree heals quickly, takes root early, germinates quickly, in general1520One day, the incision, under the action of trauma hormones, produces callus,2535Day, under the action of endogenous hormones, the cuttings can soon appear root primordial bodies,35天至40Day can sprout new roots, two months later, can be used to culture soil over the pot transplanting。

Breeding management

The dragon blood tree likes warmth, is afraid of cold, likes light and is afraid of the sun exposure, and is suitable for growing in a warm but not hot environment。Spring, summer and autumn are the vigorous seasons for the growth of the dragon's blood tree. During this period, the grower must fully meet its needs for water, nutrients and temperature to make it grow healthily。

(1)Water and fertilizer management Dragon's blood tree likes the fertile and permeable substrate of the green pine, and can be cultivated and managed by soilless cultivation method。The cultivation container should choose the beautiful and generous Yixing purple sand basin, or choose the porcelain ceramic basin of Jingdezhen city, Jiangxi province。The substrate can be fully mixed with vermiculite, perlite and peat soil。This matrix is permeable, clean, sterile and tasteless。The dragon's blood tree and this substrate cultivation in the best container, can not turn over the pot for several years, do not change the soil, plant roots developed, healthy growth。Fertilizer and water management of soilless culture is mainly applied nutrient solution。If the amount of cultivation is small, the nutrient solution can be used without special preparation and sold on the market"红梅""金月"Brand nutrient solution。According to the instructions, add the appropriate water, fully mixed after watering, can also be every3040Day, peel away the surface substrate and apply a granular late-acting fertilizer。每35Water once a day to keep the substrate moist。Summer is hot and dry in most areas, can be in the morning every day10Hour and afternoon6After the time, spray water mist to the leaf surface with a fine hole watering can to protect the beautiful and bright leaf color。Winter dormancy period to stop fertilization, control watering, generally placed in the indoor winter, you can water every ten days and half a month, maintain the basin soil slightly dry, so that it is safe to winter。

(2)Temperature and light The Dracaena tree enjoys warm, wet and sunny conditions and is also resistant to shade。However, if planted indoors, if placed in too shaded environment for a long time, it will also cause the leaves to fade。So *** put the pot on the windowsill in the southeast direction, so that it fully receives the sunlight。If the fat dragon's blood tree is planted on the balcony, when the summer sun is too strong, it is necessary to move the pot into the room, especially at noon, to properly shade, the general illuminance is40-50%Just so the sun doesn't burn the leaves。The dragon's blood tree prefers warmth and does not tolerate cold。The optimum temperature for its growth is20-28Celsius, if the summer temperature is high, the temperature exceeds32Degrees Celsius, or colder in winter15At degrees Celsius, the dracaena becomes dormant or semi-dormant。The Yangtze River Basin and areas south of it,10After late October, the dragon's blood tree should be moved indoors one after another to prevent the damage of early frost。Throughout the winter, keep the room temperature at10-20Between degrees Celsius, not too low。At the same time, the potted flowers should be placed in the south-facing windowsill, so that the sunlight directly shines on the plant, and regularly rotate the orientation, so that the light is evenly received。If there is no sunlight for a long time, you can turn on the light at night and place the dragon's blood tree40Under the light of tile, the artificial light is illuminated to ensure the beauty of the leaves。At night, the dragon's blood tree should be placed within the curtains, and thick curtains should be used to block the cold air, or the flower pot should be placed in the warm corner of the room to make it safe to winter。

4Due to the drying of the ring culture, the dragon's blood tree is placed on the balcony or indoor windowsill for a long time, which is easy to grow red spiders。Red spider commonly known as the fire dragon, belongs to the mite pests, more cluster in the back of the plant leaves, net shelter, thorn suction juice。The dragon's blood tree is affected by its damage, the leaves fade, the chlorophyll is destroyed, and the surface appears dense yellow spots, small yellow spots, and gradually atrophy, yellowing, wilting, and serious fall off, losing its due ornamental value。Control method。Red spiders often hide in the back of branches, leaves or thick places, pull nets to hide, artificial capture is easier。If treated with chemical agents, it can be used20%The emulsion of trichlorophanol, add800-1000The medicine has good killing effect on adult worms, nymphs and eggs。Still usable50%The addition of dichlorvos emulsion1000-1500Double the water, make a solution spray, in the spray should pay attention to the back of the blade should also spray, so that the killing effect is better。

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