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        Shanghai Xinxin Horticulture, with a registered capital of 5 million yuan, focuses on modern horticultural and floral comprehensive services, including interior greening design and decoration, office plant rental, business flowers, garden maintenance, garden design and construction。Business covers 10 cities in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hefei, Wuxi, Nanjing, Hangzhou, etc. The company has more than 4,000 square meters of nurseries and indoor shade plant planting bases in Shanghai Pudong, Wuxi, Beijing and other cities。

        Shanghai Provincial Horticultural currently provides greening services to more than 1,000 enterprises and institutions such as Tesla (Shanghai) Co., LTD., Asustek Computer Co., LTD. (Shanghai Park), Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China Shanghai Research Institute, Bank of China Shanghai Branch, Coca-Cola Shanghai Company and Wanda,Business covers industrial parks, commercial real estate, hotels, residential and other property types,Including *** multinational corporations, central enterprises, domestic large private enterprises, schools, hospitals, government agencies, etc。

        Shanghai Provincial Horticulture has the engineering design grade B qualification, urban landscaping grade II qualification, ISO9001 international quality management certification, OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational health and safety management system certification。The company is also a member of the China Flower Association, a member of the *** roof Greening Association, a member of the Shanghai Landscape Greening Association, a member of the Shanghai Decoration Association, and the enterprise credit rating is AA level。

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        Shanghai Xinxin Horticulture Co., Ltd. has a total of more than 350 professional management, design, maintenance team, including garden design engineers 5, flower gardening technicians 4, green chemical 44, other technicians more than 20。

        Back to nature is a professional brand of Shanghai Provincial Horticulture Co., LTD。2018年,While expanding the plant rental business,Founded the "back to nature" professional gardening service brand,Formed a "mighty pass road really like iron.,Now step from scratch "professional product design team,The team relied on "yellow sand hundred battles wearing golden armor,Do not break the building orchid will not return "fighting spirit,Adhere to the "long in the cage, return to nature" of the new design concept,Offering a brand new range of horticultural products,Committed to innovative horticultural culture,Create a new working and living environment for customers,And inspire people's passion for work and love of life。

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Professional plant rental company

Provide you with fresh green plants to create a healthy environment

Professional service, high quality products, standardized service process, to create a suitable for your green plant rental solution service provider

The plant rental company has provided high quality green plants and flowers for many enterprises

Plant rental company
Shanghai office plant rental

Green space, happy mood

To provide customers with healthy and comfortable, philosophical and intelligent environment space, improve the quality of life

Layers of strict control to ensure the quality of each green plant

From planting to entering, each process has a strict quality management process

The company has its own green planting base

Eliminate more intermediate links, the same price better quality

Committed to providing customers with value-for-money plant rental services

No more beautiful interior design, without the combination of green plants also lack of vitality, now let's enter the ** of green plants together

Shanghai green plant leasing company
Shanghai plant rental company

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